Photography: Sebastian Ramirez (@randlx) and Saulo Diaz (dazsaulo_photo@)

About us



I am Natanael Medina Jiménez (@natanaelmedinajimenez) and I am an official guide from Gran Canaria.

I grew up here in a village in the north of the Island and I have always known how lucky we are to be living in this little paradise.

That is the reason I created Granca Experience.

I believe that the current tourism model needs to change – culture and tradition should be the most important factors of tourism in Gran Canaria and I’d love to share these things with you.

Gran Canaria has so many unknown and magical places waiting for you to discover. There is nothing like getting off the well-trodden tourist trail in search of something different and local.

Allow us to make you feel a part of Gran Canaria – its history, its culture and its gastronomy.


Why should you hire a private tour in Gran Canaria?

Don’t worry about renting a car, forget the GPS or maps. Choose us to plan you dream vacation. With Granca Experience and ours private tours in Gran Canaria, you will discover places from another perspective. We will design your tour according to your priorities and preferences. Forget many stressful situations and do not think how to plan your holidays, let a local guide you through the amazing Gran Canaria. Book your private tour in Gran Canaria now!

Our Commitment

Granca Experience thinks about how important is sustainable tourism. We always treat the island of Gran Canaria with responsibility and respect. Local businessman, little local markets and taking care of the environment is esencial. Be a part of this experience with us!

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