Website ownership guiaturisticograncanaria.com.

Name or company name: Natanael Medina Jiménez (GRANCA EXPERIENCE).
CIF: 45353261K
Domicilio: Calle Trasera Lomo Don Tomás (Pío XII)
CP: 35480 – Galdar, Las Palmas
Teléfono: 637 78 12 42


Granca Experience offers private tours through Natanael Medina, the official tourist guide for the island of Gran Canaria. With the intention of offering the best to our clients when selecting a payment gateway system, we have opted for one of the safest and most advanced in Spain, REDSYS POS. All credit and / or debit card operations are carried out through this payment platform based on 3DSecure technology.

By selecting payment by credit card, you will enter your bank details directly in the virtual POS payment gateway. Granca Experience does not have access to, nor does it store this information.

Check with your bank the limit of your credit card. In many cases, banks limit cards to a certain amount of euros per transaction to avoid fraudulent purchases on the Internet. You should contact your bank to extend this limit if necessary.

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