Tours in Gran Canaria. If you think that Gran Canaria is a destination of just seaside and coastline, well you’d be wrong. In this microcontinent hides a diversity of landscapes composed of dunes, ravines, laurel forests and pine forests. These make Gran Canaria an ideal destination for hikers. From a plethora of routes to visit in this article we present 5 recommendations that you cannot miss if you visit the island.

Caldera de Bandama Route, Tours in Gran Canaria

To begin with, if you are an advanced hiker we recommend you to visit the route of the Caldera de Bandama. It is a route with a moderate difficulty of approximately 2 hours. This route takes you to the edge of the crater of the Bandama volcano, an impressive geological feature of Gran Canaria. The hike to the viewpoint offers spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding volcanic landscape. If you decide to descend to the bottom of the crater, you can experience a closer view of its unique geology. That will make this visit an unforgettable experience. As for the difficulty of this route, it has a moderate difficulty since the most challenging part can be the descent to the bottom of the crater due to the slope.

Caldera Bandama

Route of the Laurisilva Forest (The Lime Trees of Moya)

A hike with a view of the last laurel forest, the north side of Gran Canaria and the agriculture of Moya. This route takes you through an enchanting laurel forest, characterized by its evergreen trees and lush vegetation. The forest of Los Tilos de Moya offers shady and cool trails, ideal to enjoy a unique natural environment on the island. Its wonderful nature makes this route one of the most beautiful and greenest of Gran Canaria. Ideal for a relaxing day with family, friends or partner. Its difficulty ranges from easy to moderate depending on the route chosen, since there are shorter routes than others.

First, the hike begins with a descent through a gorge covered with undergrowth. Then you will be able to enjoy fantastic views from the Valle de la Virgen, through the Vuelta del Camello and up to the Zumacal gorge. Finally, after the trip you can enjoy a break for lunch and regain strength in the Grill Restaurant Los Tilos. Booking your tour in Gran Canaria.

Las Vacas Gorge Route, Tours in Gran Canaria

You may find yourself immersed in the Antelope Canyon of the United States here, but it is actually Gran Canaria. The Barranco de las Vacas canyon will transport you to an incredible canyon called Tobas de Colores.  This ravine is known for its rugged and spectacular scenery, with vertical walls rising on both sides of the trail. The hike along the canyon allows you to enjoy breathtaking views and a unique experience in the middle of an imposing nature.

Difficulty ranges from moderate to high, as it can involve steep sections and rocky terrain.


Senderismo Tour Gran Canaria

Route of the tiles and Chorreras de Epina

This route takes you through dense pine forests and ravines. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the island’s native vegetation. On the other hand, another highlight of this route are the Chorreras de Epina. Small waterfalls and natural pools that offer a refreshing break. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. During the hike, you will enjoy panoramic views of the mountainous landscape and surrounding valleys, offering spectacular photo opportunities.

Difficulty is moderate to high. The route can have steep sections and uneven terrain, making it more challenging compared to some easier routes on the island. The length of this hike is approximately 12 kilometers, which is a moderately long hike. It is recommended to be in reasonable physical condition to complete this route comfortably.

Charco Azul

Charco Azul Route, Tours in Gran Canaria

This trail leads to a beautiful natural reservoir known as Charco Azul. The trail winds through farm fields and hilly landscapes, offering a fairly accessible hike and a reward in the form of a refreshing puddle where you can rest and enjoy the surroundings.

The difficulty of this route is easy to moderate, depending on the route and terrain conditions.

We remind you to always inform yourself about the conditions of the routes before starting. To bring enough water and adequate equipment, and to respect local regulations to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience on your hikes in Gran Canaria.

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